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Should I Use A Travel Advisor?

Consider this:  How do you want to remember your vacation?

            Recently a friend spoke about her upcoming trip to Hawaii. It was her first trip to the islands. We were excited for her even though we did not book her trip – she did it herself, via an OTA (on-line travel site).
          It all sounded well enough, until we got into the “weeds” of the trip as she described the awkward airline schedule and the price she was paying for her car. We asked her where she was staying and she mentioned a B&B to cut costs. (Note: We knew that we could have offered her a wonderful hotel property at a similar price).  She was also mainly uninformed about the available sightseeing posssibilities.   
       From a Travel Advisors perspective, We knew we could have personally designed a wonderful trip for her at similar cost from Aloha to Aloha.  


          Many travelers believe they get the best value by self-booking online.

In certain situations this may be true, especially when the trip is fairly

simple and the traveler is familiar with the destination.

         Frequently, however, this is not the case.

Starting from scratch, consider how much time are you really spending doing the research?  Planning the important details of the itinerary for your vacation: Shopping for airfares, hotels, cars, sightseeing and scheduling ground transportation routes and bookings Are you sure you understand the fine print - government documents required? - surcharges?  Are you taking advantage of everything the location may offer?  Local customs?  What if your flight is late and you miss your cruise? 

      Do you want to feel uplifted when you get back or stressed and tired ? 

Get the point?

     Online booking is indeed popular these days. However, these same attractive online sites may offer only limited air, car and hotel choices.

For the smart traveler the informed choice is to work with an experienced Travel Advisor

        We take the time to fit the trip to you and offer more travel
options and amenities & fill in the nooks and crannies (i.e.
documents, sightseeing, schedules, specials, etc), You have the
advantage of our professionalism, valuable advice, and worldwide connections!

(Plus, we have your back when things go awry – which they occasionally do.)

  Does an agent really cost more? 

Compare and contrast (as they used to say in school)  Take the stress out of travel and let your trusted professional travel advisor tailor your trip to you! 


Update on Friend  -   We met today and were excited to hear about her trip. 

She actually frowned (the first time in 30+ years we have seen that reaction from someone who just returned fro Hawaii !).    She was so disappointed with her choice of island, etc. She said we have to talk.  We will...about her next trip - and she will be smiling next time.